Threatened Midwife toad species - Painting - Nature Art by Hilde_Aga Brun

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Hilde_Aga BrunHilde_Aga Brun   AFC, NBK, RWG, WEAD Hilde_Aga Brun
Pastels. Collage sculptures. Land Art. In tune with Nature
Threatened Midwife toad species Alytes mulentsis - Threatened Midwife toad species  by Hilde_Aga Brun
  Threatened Midwife toad species Alytes mulentsis  (2011)
Subject: Threatened Midwife toad species
Dimensions (centimeters): 30 x 40
Medium: pastel
Description: this drawing was made for a poster for Amphibian Ark to promote their event 'Leaping Ahead of Extinction: A celebration of good news for amphibians in 2012' to promote programs for directly threatened amphibies in rehabilitiations programs around the world, ex situ and in situ programs with releases and translocations of threatened species. I love the eggs he is lovingly carrying around with the many faces of new toads peeking out. The act of a loving father!
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $1,000.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No
Conservation Committment: 15% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: Amphibian Ark  


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