Butterfly, bee, ladybird - Painting - Nature Art by Lorna Hamilton

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Lorna HamiltonLorna Hamilton   BA, AFC Lorna Hamilton
Oils,coloured pencil
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Micro Nature - Butterfly, bee, ladybird by Lorna Hamilton
  Micro Nature  (2010)
Subject: Butterfly, bee, ladybird
Dimensions (inches): 2 x 8
Medium: coloured pencil
Description: Micro Nature
Coloured Pencil
8' x 2'

The Seven Spot Ladybird is widespread across the British Isles. Its bright red colour warns off any predator that it is an unpleasant taste. Known as the ‘gardener's friend' it can eat as many as 5000 aphids in its year long life.

The Green Hairstreak is vibrant metallic green on the underside of the wing however it is a dull brown colour in flight. By tilting its wings it catches the sun's rays enabling it to control its own body temperature. They can be seen in bogs and heath-lands.

The Great yellow Bumblebee is one of Britain's rarest bumblebees. Numbers have declined rapidly due to loss of habitat. According to ‘Natural England', March 2010 the Great Yellow Bumblebee is now believed to be extinct

Seven Spot Ladybird: Species of least concern (UK)
Green Hairstreak: Species of concern
Great Yellow Bumblebee: Believed to be Extinct (UK)

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