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Lorna HamiltonLorna Hamilton   BA, AFC Lorna Hamilton
Oils,coloured pencil
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The Strike - Osprey with trout by Lorna Hamilton
  The Strike  (2010)
Subject: Osprey with trout
Dimensions (inches): 18 x 24
Medium: Oil on linen
I photographed this Osprey early one summer morning in Scotland. With my camera ready, I patiently waited as the Osprey surveyed its prey below. Watching for an opportunity they would circle overhead, once they spotted a trout they would drop in height then almost without warning plunge vertically into the water grabbing the fish with their talons reaching a depth of up 1m. The Osprey then uses its forceful wings to lift out of the water.

Despite their size and stature the Osprey are surprisingly wary of ducks or gulls when fishing, this is because they are at their most vulnerable when in water. Particularly in breeding season ducks become very protective of their young and deem an Osprey a threat, even though it isn't one. Once in the water an Osprey is at serious risk of drowning if it is unable to lift from the water. There were as many 8 Ospreys in the air that morning, frustratingly there were also as many duck, so there were few that ventured into the waters!

Osprey: Species of Special Concern
Interesting fact: The Osprey catches 1-3 fish per day

Original Available For Sale: Yes
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Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: Giclee on cotton paper
Edition size : 20
Edition Size: 20
Price: $250.00 US



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