Canada Goose and Gander - Painting - Nature Art by Roy Carretta

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Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
The Day's Surrender - Canada Goose and Gander by Roy Carretta
  The Day's Surrender 
Subject: Canada Goose and Gander
Dimensions (inches): 18 x 36
Medium: acrylic
Description: 'Our natural world always seeks a state of harmonious balance. I came upon these two geese along a favourite shoreline and was inspired to convey the scene in its natural glory.

In this composition, it is interesting to note the number of attractive opposing forces (energies) and how they come together to form a Universal Balance a balance that forms the basis for all natural elements on earth.

Depicted here, the setting sun is balanced by the ensuing darkness of nightfall, the male gander (yang energy) in the immediate foreground unites with its female goose counterpart (ying energy) forming a lifelong mating bond and the dynamic rhythmic water undulates onto the static sand or earth element. All these forces naturally combine in perfect unison to create natural balance.

As a society we must come together and learn from nature so we may also join in this harmonious Universal Balance.'

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