White Ibis Flock with Roseate Spoonbill in Everglades Marsh - Sculpture - Nature Art by Megan Kissinger

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Megan KissingerMegan Kissinger   BFA, AFC Megan Kissinger
Acrylic Painting
Tangled Up in Blue - White Ibis Flock with Roseate Spoonbill in Everglades Marsh by Megan Kissinger
  Tangled Up in Blue  (2016)
Subject: White Ibis Flock with Roseate Spoonbill in Everglades Marsh
Dimensions (inches): 36 x 48 x 1.5
Medium: Diptych—Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Description: Flock of White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) with Roseate Spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) in Everglades Marsh.

I came upon these birds while hiking with my husband in late January. Due to the 2016 El Nino currents, we had unseasonal rain that month that dispersed the fish and other small insects and crustaceans. It made it hard for many birds to find enough food—especially birds like the spoonbills that feed by touch rather than by sight. This pink party crasher had traveled far inland and was finding the muddy ditches of Harn's Marsh in Lee County, Florida to be a good place to feed.

By the early 1900's, Roseate Spoonbills and other Florida wading birds were hunted to near extinction for their feathers which were worth more than their weight in gold. Protection has allowed them to recover but they are still very much endangered due to habitat loss from urban sprawl in south Florida. One single season of scarce food or a disturbed rookery can cause these birds to abandon their nests, causing populations to plummet.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $3,456.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: Signed and numbered giclee print on stretched canvas. 36x48
Edition Size: 50
Price: $1,728.00 US

Conservation Committment: 15% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: Audubon Society  


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