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 Rosetta Rosetta   SAA,FNSS,AWA,NWR,AFC  Rosetta
stylized bronze sculpture of animals, mostly feline
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The Hunt - three lionesses  by  Rosetta
  The Hunt  (2001)
Subject: three lionesses
Dimensions (inches): 19 x 65 x 30
Medium: Bronze
Description: Nothing is more focused and intense than a big cat hunting - unless it's several big cats hunting together. African lions are among the few big cats you'll find doing this - the only felines seen together more often than alone, living in prides (extended families) for the care of the cubs, mutual protection and cooperative hunting.

The silent cooperation among hunting lionesses is amazing to behold, as they single out an animal, split up to maneuver into position and then close in on the prey. They must be efficient, as there are many mouths to feed.

I had wanted to do three lionesses hunting for some time, but it wasn't until my trip to Africa that I solved the challenge of creating a strong, cohesive composition while dealing with a dozen legs! I saw many an animal melt into the tall grass there, using it for cover until they were ready to be seen. The grasses and the camouflage they provide are an important element in the success of the hunt.
Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Edition Size: 16


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