Ferruginous Hawk - Painting - Nature Art by Anne Peyton

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Anne PeytonAnne Peyton   AFC, SAA, NOAPS, NSPCA, WAOW, APA, AWA, The Bennington Collective Anne Peyton
Wildlife with an emphasis on birds of prey and waterfowl
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Air Supremacy - Ferruginous Hawk by Anne Peyton
  Air Supremacy 
Subject: Ferruginous Hawk
Dimensions (inches): 30 x 20
Medium: Acrylic
Description: Ferruginous Hawks are the largest species of hawk in North America. It takes a fierce hawk to survive in the open prairies and grasslands. However, they continue to struggle as a species because of our insistence on altering their natural habitat. Not only has their landscape been greatly changed due to agriculture, but their prey base of ground squirrels and prairie dogs has been diminished as well. It is imperative that unaltered open space is left for these magnificent birds or they will someday be forever lost.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $6,000.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No


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