Red Tail Hawk - Sculpture - Nature Art by Brent Cooke

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Birds of Prey, Songbirds, Marine Life
Headin' Home - Red Tail Hawk by Brent Cooke
  Headin' Home  (2005)
Subject: Red Tail Hawk
Dimensions (inches): 24 x 42 x 35
Medium: Bronze and black granite
Description: This is a life size Red Tail Hawk. With the execption of some of the body feathers, every feather was produced individually and placed on the bird. The abstract base allow the viewer to appreciate the bird in flight without being propped up with a branch or rock.
Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: The pieces weighs approximately 110 pounds and is mounted on a base of 1/14 thick African Black Granite.
Edition Size: 10
Price: $15,500.00 US



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