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Dancing Hawk, Justin
Riley, Laurie
Anderson, Walt
Riggs, Pat
Parker, Natalie
Ivester, Taylor
Brooks, Sandy
Ross, Carleen
Barrett Justis, Suzanne
Bowring, Emma
Mgona, George
Mayo, Tony
Roshensky, Nancy
McNeil, Kelly
Patterson, Matt
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Nature Art
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By Justin Dancing Hawk
(Recently Updated Nature Art & Wildlife Art by WNAG Nature Artists & Wildlife Artists)
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wildlife artists
wildlife artists wildlife artists wildlife artists
wildlife artists wildlife artists wildlife artists
wildlife artists
Dancing Hawk, Justin
Navarro, Chris
Hoselton, Beth
Dumas, Michael
Chunat, Wayne
Riley, Laurie
Anderson, Walt
Rusin, Len
Riggs, Pat
Qureshi, Ahsan
Prescott, David
Parker, Natalie
Lomas, Craig
Ivester, Taylor
Morgan, Jason
Rossin, Linda
Venditti, Jerry
Herzog, Linda
Karstad, Aleta
Scheidt, Bill
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(Nature Art & Wildlife Art Events featuring WNAG Nature Artists & Wildlife Artists)
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wildlife art events
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wildlife art events
wildlife art events wildlife art events wildlife art events
wildlife art events
  Artist Name Specialty
USA Aja, Douglas African Wildlife, Elephants,
USA Altenburg, Tom Animals, Landscapes, and Western Equine Art
USA Anderson , Cher Wildlife Painting and Photography
USA Anderson, Wayne Colored pencil drawings of nature
Canada Armstrong, Rosemarie Oil paintings that illuminate our natural world.
Canada Arnett, Stuart Wildlife Conservation Artist.
Canada Ascough, Stephen
pencil and coloured pencil
Canada Atwater, Curtis Popular Game Fish and Wildlife
USA Bach, Del-Bourree marine, water, coastal, tidal areas, landscapes, b
USA Baldwin, Priscilla Scratchboard
Canada Ballantyne, Sheila Inspired by the wonder and beauty of creation.
Canada Banks, Patricia Landscapes, Seascapes & Wildlife Paintings
USA Banovich, John Wildlife, African Wildlife
USA Barclay, Marcia Most art work is done in scratchboard
Barrett Justis, Suzanne
united Kingdom Barron, Anne Wildlife, animal and people portraits
USA Baselici, Sarah
Nature, Wildlife and Endangered Species
Canada Bateman, Robert Wildlife Paintings and Conservation
Canada Battistelli, Cheryl Pastel on sandpaper
Canada Belair, Suzanne Oil painting, mixed media depicting indigenous plants and nature
Bent, Sarah Watercolour paintings of tropical flora and fauna
Canada Berge, William Birds and Mammals (Eastern Canada)
USA Berner, Sally Realistic North American wildlife, domestic animals & pet portraits
Canada Bertolo, Alejandro Animals & plants through Japanese style painting
USA Besse, Linda Original Oil Wildlife Paintings
USA Bielanski, Nansi
USA Billingsley, Cindy
Wildlife painting and sculpture, mainly one of a kind work
UK Bissell, Lauren Wildlife
Kenya Blackwell, Peter African Wildlife and Conservation
United Kingdom Bomblies, Kirsten Wildlife and other natural subjects in Ink, watercolor and acrylic
Canada Bowerman, Barry Wildlife, Landscape
Australia Boyce, Peta BIRDS
USA Brailas, Jeffrey plein air painting, mythological and allegorical paintings
Israel Breger, Varda Wild life and wandering birds in a spontanious techniqe .
USA Brest van Kempen, Carel Wildlife Paintings
Canada Brooks, Caroline Wildlife and Nature Art
Norway Brun, Hilde_Aga
Pastels. Collage sculptures. Land Art. In tune with Nature
Canada Butler, Rob Watercolour paintings of birds and expedition landscapes
Canada Carretta, Roy Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Canada Carter, Brenda Wildlife paintings
USA Chadwick, Gloria Wildlife/Endangered Species; acrylic & oil
USA Chandler, Larry Sporting dogs (Labrador Retrievers), birds of prey and other wildl
USA Chunat, Wayne
Australia Cogley, Elizabeth Australian Wildlife and Environmental Art in Mixed Media
USA Coheleach, Guy American and African big game and birds
Combes, Guy
Animals, people, landscapes of East Africa
Kenya Combes, Simon African Wildlife
Canada Condon, RoseMarie Landscape, Flora, Fauna in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Canada Coombes, Bryan Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, gouache
UK Corless, Anne I am constantly inspired to create artwork of the natural world!
Crossman, Deborah Pastel, Animal Portraiture, Avian Art
USA Crouter, Anni Wildlife, Domestic animals, Flora
USA Crowe, Becci Wildlife and Tribal Portrait Art
USA Curry, Dennis wildlife& nature in orig. print & oils
France Dache, Christian Watercolours
Canada Dansereau, Jodie
Wildlife Paintings and Conservation
USA Davis, Daniel Watercolor Paintings of Tropical Birds
South Africa de Villiers, Ilse Specializing in African Wildlife.
USA deKramer, Karyn Wildlife Watercolor Paintings
USA Delgyer, Leslie Wildlife Art in Pastels
India Dhairyam, Sunita My speciality is oil on canvas. I paint wildlife of India.
USA Dobson, Mel Wildlife and Nature
USA Donovan, Tim Wildlife
USA Dreyer, Rob Wildlife Portraiture
UK Drysdale, Angela African Wildlife Art, Landscapes and Portraits in Oil and Pastel
USA Duffek, Kim
Wildlife art and illustration
Canada Dumas, Michael Realistic interpretation of nature.
USA Dunphy, Kathleen Nature Art, Landscapes, plein air
USA DuPuis-Rosen, Linda Wildlife in Watercolor
USA Easton, Raymond Specializing in the birds of North America
Canada Eichler, Theresa Wildlife and Wilderness Art
USA Ellis, Richard Marine Natural History
Australia Ellison, Lyn Australian, African Wildlife, Owls Worldwide
USA Erickson, Mary plein air landscapes, birds, coastal scenery, marsh, dunes, shorebirds
Canada Erikson, Lynn
Acrylic on Canvas, watercolour
USA Feltner, Linda Nature and Wildlife Art
USA Ferguson, Vicki pencil drawings mostly; some pastel work and intaglio etchings
USA Filler Scott, Jeanne Nature and Animals
USA Fiorentino, James Watercolor
USA Fischbein, Karen Underwater Photography
USA Fisher, Cynthie acrylic, oils, scratchboard and bronze
USA Foggett, Lindsey Wildlife and Nature
USA Fox, Susan Specializing in the animals, land and people of Mongolia
USA Franson, Sunny wetlands, wildlife, open spaces
USA Frazier, Phyllis
Wildlife, Endangered Species, and Conservation
USA Frolking, Chris birds and animals in natural settings
Namibia Funke, Annika
USA Gage, Cindy Wildlife (birds,fish, big cats, N. American) in Photo Deta
USA Gallup, David Art of the Deep
USA Ganz, Tykie wildlife, Birds and animals with acrylics, and woodcarvings
USA Gengler-Copple, Deb Arylic, Oil and Pastel Paintings
USA Golightly, Paula Wildlife and Landscapes
USA Goller, Carrie Nature art in oil, encaustic, egg tempera and mixed media
New Zealand Goulding, Fiona Nature Artist
Germany Gramer, Norbert
Paintings and drawings with an emphasis on endangered species
South Africa Gray, Peter African Wildlife Paintings
USA Griffin, Patricia Contemporary Wildlife Artist
Australia Grogan, Laura Watercolour, pastel, ink and acrylic Australian wildlife paintings
USA Gylling, Gemma Wildlife and Animal art in Colored Pencil
USA Hallett, Mark paleontological art
Japan Hamanaka, Setsuo Marine Wildlife and Seascapes in Oils
Canada Hamelin, Neil Painting realism, with texture and history
United Kingdom Hamilton, Lorna Oils,coloured pencil
USA Hardcastle, Thomas Wildlife Art
Canada Hargreaves, Julia
Wildlife & nature, birds, animals, floral, garden
USA Harlan, Celebrate the Beauty of Nature in Oil Paintings
USA Harrison-Parsons, Linda Soft pastel, graphite or oil paintings of animals wild & domestic.
USA Harvey, Guy Marine Paintings
Brazil Harvill, Kitty Birds & Nature of Brazil
Canada Haycock, Kathy Paintings From Nature
United Kingdom Hayward-Harris, Martin Bronzes, Watercolours, and Etchings
USA Heaton, Janet Wildlife and domestic animals in pastels and oils
Helgren, Kenneth Wildlife in their Native Habitat - American West
USA Herzog, Linda Wildlife Fantasy Paintings
UK Heselden, Russ
Wildlife in the landscape; oil, acrylic and mixed media
USA Hill, LaVerne wildlife, nature, miniature and small works
Canada Hobson, Mark Painting - Acrylic, Oil & Watercolour
USA Hobson, Edward True-to-Life Pastel Paintings of Wildlife and Wild Places
UK Hodges, Gary Specialising exclusively in graphite pencil drawings.
USA Holt, Mary Louise Depictions From Nature's Past & Present
Canada Hoselton, Beth nature art
USA Hughbanks, Debbie Wildlife, Western, Figurative, Domestic Animals, Pet Portraits
UK Hughes, Mike Birds and Wildlife
Australia Ingham, Barry Marine Wildlife
Australia Ingles, Margaret
Canada	Isaac, Terry Birds and mammals of North America.
USA Ivanyi, Rachel Nature Art and Illustration
United Kingdom Jahme, Graham African Wild Life, Land & Sea-scapes
USA Janosik, Jon Portraits of Birds of the World
Australia Jesic, Stephen Wildlife in their natural habitat
Canada Jessen, Mary Jane Contemporary environmental paintings
Canada Johnson, Kevin Wildlife and Nature works in Pencil
USA Johnson, Jay
Canada Kamin, Jason Wildlife, Landscape and Western Art
Canada Karstad, Aleta
2-d Nature Art
Bulgaria Katrandzhiev, Valentin Fine Art, Acrylic Painting and Photography
USA Kiesow, James Wildlife - mainly birds
USA Kirchner, Leslie Wildlife Artist
USA Kissinger, Megan Acrylic Painting
Canada Kitler, David Nature and Wildlife Original Paintings & Reproductions
USA Knapp, Christine Sculptor
Japan Kobayashi, Eriko Nature and birds, animals in watercolor
Canada Koensgen, Joseph Nature, Wildlife
USA Koonce, Jack Wildlife, Domestic Animal Genre, Landscapes
Canada Kopeschny, Barbara
North American Nature and Landscapes
USA Kray, Robert wildlife painting and illustration
USA Krishnan, Krish Author - Artist - Traveler
USA Kurlan, Whitney Wildlife (African & Asian species) equine, landscape conservation
USA LaFogg-Docherty, Deborah Wildlife and Landscapes
Canada Lang, Linda Dawn Climate Change Paintings of the Arctic and Antarctica
Canada Lantz, Yvette Birds
USA Larson, Judy The Art Of Concealment, Scratchboard, Wildlife focus
USA Latas, Pat natural history illustration, paleontology, botany
USA Latham, Rebecca Watercolor Paintings of Wildlife & Nature In Miniature
USA Latham, Bonnie
Wildlife & Nature Paintings in Miniature
USA Latham, Karen Watercolor Paintings In Miniature - Painting the Details
Kenya Laurence-Rowe, Karen African wildlife paintings - equine - portraits
USA Lawrenson, C. Frederick
Australia Lear, Sandi Watercolour Wildlife & Seascapes
USA Lidstrom, Esther Animals in Paint, Pencil, Pen, Pastel
USA Lindamood, Patsy Wildlife Paintings in Pastel, Colored Pencil
USA Lomas, Craig Wildlife
USA London, Anne Endangered Species
Canada Lozeron, Emily
Sweden Lundwall, Bo
Wildlife Paintings
USA Lutz, Jan Landscapes and Wildlife Paintings
Germany Maass, Harro Birds, Mammals, Surrealistic Wildlife
Canada MacKay, Barry
Canada Mansell, Patricia North American and Endangered Species
USA Mara, Michelle Wildlife Paintings
Australia Marshall, Pete Wildlife,Animals & Seascapes
USA Maynard, Chris Feather carvings, bird themes
Canada Mayo, Tony Refined Sculpture and Hyper Detailed Painting and Drawing
Australia McClelland, Cathy Australian Bird, Wildlife & Landscape Artist
Australia McClelland, Chris
Wildlife drawings African/Australian animals with intricate detail
USA McCune, Michelle Representational oil paintings of wildlife
USA McHuron, Gregory Landscape and Wildlife in Oil and Watercolor
Canada McManiman, Candy Wildlife Art, Murals, Photography
USA McQueen, Larry Bird paintings and illustration in watercolor and oil
Meltzoff, Stanley painter of game fishes in the water
USA Middleton, Kim Avian Oil Paintings
Canada Milligan, Billy-Jack Wildlife
USA Millington, Marti Fine Art Inspired by Nature
USA Munkittrick, Dianne
Nature Artist
USA Murray, Robin Nature Art In, Oil, Acrylic, Egg Tempera.
Canada Nash, Ken Realscapes: photorealistic acrylic landscapes
USA Nicholls, Alison African Wildlife and People
Japan Nishino, Kentaro Airbrushed Wildlife Art.
Canada Nogy, Arnold
USA Nordwall, Solveig Graphite and Colour Pencils
USA O'Sullivan, Mary Louise Wildlife Oil Paintings -focus on aquatic wildlife.
USA Orlando, Ron Wildlife Paintings
USA Osborne, Leo Sculpture, Painting & Poetry
Canada Palmer, Wendy
Nature Artist - Wildlife, Landscape and Floral
Canada Pape, Michael Wildlife Fine Art Paintings & Prints
USA Parkinson, Linda Watercolors, birds and wildlife
UK Paul, Jeremy Wildlife in its environment
Canada Pepin, Patricia Wildlife Paintings
USA Perry, Marcia Marine wildlife, Wildlife, airbrush acrylic.nature. Symbolic
USA Peyton, Anne Wildlife with an emphasis on birds of prey and waterfowl
UK Pickering, Pollyanna Painter of the Living World
USA Place, Sandra Pastel, Acrylic, Drawing, Photog. - Landscape,Birds,I
Canada Plaizier, Ron Wildlife Artist specializing in Birds, Birds of Prey and Landscapes
USA Polito, Kay
Paintings of birds, animals, and habitat
USA Popp, Betsy Oil Painting, Wood Sculpture, Pastel, Pencil
Prescott, David Wildlife, Western, Big Cats, Birds of Prey, Domestic, Landscape
Australia Qiu, Ji Wildlife of Asian-Pacific and Other Areas, Paleo-art
USA Quinn, Stephen Wildlife Art, Natural History Dioramas
Pakistan Qureshi, Ahsan WILDLIFE OF PAKISTAN
USA Ragg, Jerry Wildlife Artist, Mural Artist and Conservationist
India Rai, Ajoy Wildlife of Himalaya
USA Rankin, David Transparent & Plein Air Watercolors - Landscapes,Birds, Tigers, India,
USA Raynolds, Linda Contemporary Animal Sculpture
USA Reece, Parks
Original Paintings, Lithographs and Reproductions
Iran Refahi, Leila Visual artist_ painter
USA Renn, Vicki Wildlife/Roadside Elegance, Watercolor
USA Rentsch, Werner
USA Rich, Andrea Woodcut Prints, Bronze Sculpture
UK Ridley, Martin Wildlife and Landscape Paintings - Martin's studio is in Scotland
Canada Rogers, Valerie Nature and Wildlife Artist
USA Rossin, Linda Birds, Mammals, Fine Art Miniatures
United States Rusin, Len Wildlife,Landscapes and Plein Air
USA Ryan, Maria Contemporary Wildlife Paintings
Mexico Saenz, Eleazar
Wildlife Painting
UK Sainsbury, Jonathan Oil,Watercolour, Charcoal and Watercolour, Charcoal.
Canada Sample, Esther west coast seashores, landscapes, sea life
Canada Sampogna, Margit contemporary realism
USA Savage, Patricia Flowers and Landscapes in Pastel and Watercolor
USA Schafer, Sharon K. Wildlife
USA Scheidt, Bill Wildlife and Western
USA Schlenker, Robert Wildlife & Landscape Paintings
Australia Scotchford, Judy African subjects, Childrens Portraits, Cultural portraits & wi
USA Seerey-Lester, Suzie Wildlife
USA Seerey-Lester, John
Wildlife and Figurative
Canada Serediuk, John Wildlife
Canada Sharkey Thomas, J. Painting, Drawing, Modeling, and Computer Graphics
USA Sheard, Kathleen Glass and Graphite Wildlife Artist
UK Shepherd, David Wildlife Art
UK Shimeld, Susan Wildlife Artist, Natural History Illustrator
USA Simeone, Herb Wildlife Oil Paintings
USA Sloan (1935-2007), Richard Rainforest Art
Australia Smith, Josephine Wildlife Art
USA Snoots, Karin Seascapes and Wildlife
USA Solberg, Morten
Wildlife, Landscape, Figure, Floral, Native Indian, Hunting, Fly Fishi
Canada Sorensen, Linda Landscape, Wildlife , Plien Air
Canada Sorley-Keichinger, Cindy wildlife in natural habitats
Canada Spera, Edward Realistic paintings of subjects inspired from the wild
Norway Staaf, Susanne Wildlife Art, Engraving, Sculpture, Scrimshaw, Tattoo
USA Stanley, Eva Sculpture and Painting- North American Wildlife
Canada Starkevich, Colin Oil and Acrylic painting
Tanzania Stolberger, Sue African Wildlife in Oils and Watercolours
Canada Strelive, Uta Vignettes of Nature
USA Strohschein, Sandra Watercolor, Acrylic
USA Studwell, Judy
Wildlife,watercolor,graphite, colored pencil,mixed media
USA Susinno, Mark Underwater Game Fish Art & Fly Fishing Scenes
USA Sutton, Linda Transparent Watercolors, Wildlife, Landscape & Plein air
USA Szatkowski, Frederick Illustration and Fine Art
Australia Temple, Sandra Realistic flora & fauna in all mediums
Canada Theriault, Colette Animal Artistry (Wildlife Art & Pet Portraits)
Canada Thivierge, Claude
USA Thompson, Martha Nature Art
India Thumbar, Chirag India Wildlife paintings
Canada Tiessen, Josh International Award-Winning Professional Fine Artist
Australia Toft, Kim
Marine and Coastal Habitats using Hand Painted Silk
United Kingdom Truss, Jonathan African mammals, landscapes, big cats
Canada Trygg, Joyce Wildlife and domestic animals
Canada van der Kelen, Gery Bird art
USA Van Rijn, Eva Landscape and Wildlife Art
CANADA Vanderpas, Margarethe Landscapes and waterscapes of Georgian Bay & Lake Superior
USA Venditti, Jerry Trompe L'oeil
USA Versteeg, Diane Animals in Scratchboard
Canada Vik, Lyn Wildlife / Nature
USA Walden, Christopher Realistic Wildlife & Landscape Paintings
USA Walker, Linda
Oil & Scratchboard
USA Walsh, Frank Marine life paintings in acrylic and marine life bronze sculpture.
japan Watanabe, Yasuo Japanese Wildlife (especially birds)
USA Watkins, Peggy Wildlife & Sporting Art
Australia Watson, Pat Birds and mammals in their natural environment
USA Weber, Katherine contemporary abstract nature watercolors
Weisberg, Kathryn Nature and Wildlife
U.K. Wellman, Gregory Wildlife, Landscapes, Pets & Portraiture
USA Wheeler, Rick Scratchboard, watercolor, acrylic, oil
USA White, Taylor Wildlife, Animals, Nature,and Western Oil Painting and Giclee Prints
USA Whitehouse, Kitty
Original Wildlife Paintings - North American and East Africa Wildlife
Canada Whiting, Jeffrey Nature sculptures, paintings and pencil drawings
Australia Wiegmink, Paula Wildlife oils, acrylic, pastel, mixed media & watercolour
USA Wilson, Patti Wildlife
USA Wyland, Premier Ocean Artist
USA Zhang, Dongguang Wildlife and Jungle Animal Paintings


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Originals for Sale
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(Samples of Nature Art & Wildlife Art by WNAG Nature Artists & Wildlife Artists)
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wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
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Nature Art | Wildlife Art
Original Painting

"West End, Jones Beach"
By Stephen Quinn
12 x 16
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
Nature Art | Wildlife Art
Original Sculpture

By Tony Mayo
8 x 6.75 x 5 (inches)
Pyrophyllite, Carnelian and Amethyst
$2100wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings   wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings

Becci Crowe's
Michael Dumas wins Best of Show
LOBO, Stories of a Golden Wolf
Dr. Guy Harvey Receives Top Florida State Honor
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