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AFC Flag Expedition #7:
The Freshwater Seals of Lake Baikal, Russia
Expedition Artist: Terry Woodall
Purpose: Terry has returned from observing and recording the rare Baikal Seal in its habitat in Russia. He became the first sculptor to receive support under the AFC Flag Program.
Location: Lake Baikal, Irkutsk (south-eastern Russia)
Scheduled For: Mid-June to mid-July, 2008
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Terry Woodall [b. 1951] specializes in Myrtlewood sculptures of Northwest oceanic and woodland wildlife. A third generation Oregonian, he traces his Northwest woods heritage to the early logging days. Today, Terry salvages downed wood for his artwork, while maintaining a deep appreciation of his native forests, coastlines and its wildlife. His Southern Oregon studio and family home of 25 years is in a coastal rain forest close to the Pacific Ocean.

In the early 70's, studying art at the University of the Americas near Mexico City sparked Terry's interest in art and other cultures. After two years in Mexico he returned to Oregon and set his sights on wood sculpture as an artistic pursuit. After finding a niche in the Myrtlewood cottage industry of the Oregon coast, Terry established Pacific Carvings, a business producing carvings for galleries and gift shops.
Since that time, Terry has exhibited his art work at the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art show in Seattle; Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado; Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland; San Dimas, San Bernardino and Fallbrook, California art shows; and numerous local showings in Southern Oregon. During a cultural exchange art exhibit in Choshi, Japan, Terry's carving "Beaver State" was presented to the mayor of Choshi. Dozens of wildlife sculptures by Terry Woodall have a home in Japan.

What inspires you to create your works? "It's all about beauty, awe-inspiring, natural beauty; from the crimson surface of a salmon-filled waterway to the depths of polished, marbled wood grain, I am driven to reveal both the marvels of my medium and capture the graceful action of wildlife."

Do you have any specific goals? "Absolutely. By highlighting successful recovering species in my artwork I hope to encourage and persuade people to recognize the victories made in preserving wildlife - a 'celebrate the species' approach, applauding those who have worked so hard to help make it happen and encouraging more success in the future."

From 1993 - 2002 Terry Woodall exhibited in the Portland, Oregon Audubon Society "Wild Arts Festival" which included an art piece donation each year. Through art donations, Terry has helped support the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, East Aurora, New York; Umpqua Valley Watershed, Southern Oregon; Illinois Valley Water and Conservation District, Southern Oregon; Howell Nature Center, Howell, Michigan.

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