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Painting the Painted Dogs - Artistic Study of An Endangered Hunter
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Monday, September 3, 2007
During my first week I spent a lot of time out with Ester, a PhD student at PDC. We visited waterholes where Ester was doing behaviour studies of the Painted Dog's main prey species (impala and kudu). This meant that we spent 12 hours sitting in one spot at a waterhole - a great re-intropduction to hwange National Park and also a great way for me to have plenty of sketching time. This photo and several to follow were taken during these waterhole observations.
Bushbuck have very pretty coats but often you see them in thick bush and don't get to see their markings as clearly as this.
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Painting the Painted Dogs - Artistic Study of An Endangered Hunter™
AFC Flag Expedition Artist and AFC Flag Ambassador: Alison Nicholls
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