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It is my goal to create art that comes as close as possible to capturing the essence of nature. Amazing storylines unfold every day in the natural world; these form the inspiration for my paintings. I believe that if one comes to understand nature and truly see it, then ultimately they are less inclined to harm it and more likely to take ownership of it. My hope is that in addition to providing people enjoyment in their homes, my art will resonate with them on a deeper level and encourage them to take steps in their own lives to protect wildlife. I remain deeply concerned about the future of wild animals and wild places in the West Indies; I long for a day when the wildlife of the region is more protected, and more valued. If my art can succeed in some way in affecting this change, I shall consider myself a success.

Latest Artwork
Midland Painted Turtle - Basking Midland Painted Turtle by Lionel Worrell (2) Click to view a larger image. Midland Painted Turtle  (2013)
Basking Midland Painted Turtle
7 x 9
Acrylic on canvas board
Out of the shadows: Barbados Bullfinch - Barbados Bullfinch by Lionel Worrell (2) Click to view a larger image. Out of the shadows: Barbados Bullfinch  (2013)
Barbados Bullfinch
8 x 10
Acrylic on canvas
Lionel Worrell
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