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Wildlife & Landscape Paintings
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Robert Schlenker

Robert Schlenker

"Thank you for taking the time to browse my site. I hope you find this an informative site that gives you a sense of who I am and what I paint. Painting and conservation efforts supporting my subjects are very important to me. Conveying my thoughts, ideas and what I observe in nature through my artwork gives me great satisfaction.

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All original paintings are on artist grade Masonite panels. Masonite with several coats of gesso offer the perfect painting surface for me to achieve the details I desire.

Paper and Canvas Geclee Prints are available as noted on the 'Artwork' pages. Prints are available as limited or open editions with prices ranging from $ 75.00 to $225.00.
Each limited edition print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Prints available at this time are:
'Prayer Sack'
'Great Egret'
'Grey Jay'
'Flight of the European Skipper'
'Common Loon'
'Gray Day in the Tetons'
'Headed for the Roost'

Watch for future print editions coming soon.

Donations to conservation efforts from art sales are honored by sales of original art.
I reserve all rights to future reproductions of my artwork unless other agreements are made.


Latest Artwork
Spirit Messenger - Steller's Jay by Robert Schlenker (2) Click to view a larger image. Spirit Messenger 
Steller's Jay
16 x 16
Oil on artist grade masonite board

Original Available 
Pledge Amt: 10%
to Artists For Conservation Foundation (AFC) (formerly WNAG )  

Young Wolf - Timber Wolf by Robert Schlenker (2) Click to view a larger image. Young Wolf 
Timber Wolf
12 x 16
Oil on panel

Original Available 
Pledge Amt: 10%
to Friends of the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge  

Robert Schlenker
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Robert Schlenker
c/o Big Sky Wildlife Art
2117 Spring Creek Drive
Bozeman, MT
USA 59715
Tel: 406-587-9000
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Robert Schlenker Robert Schlenker
Robert Schlenker
Robert Schlenker
Robert Schlenker
Robert Schlenker
Robert Schlenker
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