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Susan ShimeldSusan Shimeld   AFC Susan Shimeld
Wildlife Artist, Natural History Illustrator
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Susan Shimeld Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld

Susan Shimeld

My artwork very much reflects my love of nature. My natural history paintings, drawings and pet portraits are highly-detailed and portrayed using a variety of media including: pencil, oil, pastel and gouache.

I have been working as a self-taught professional Wildlife Artist since 1989 and have also been a keen naturalist and conservationist for many years. Whilst combining my love of 'Wildlife and Art', I also support Wildlife Conservation Societies through my artwork.

I have exhibited artwork at a number of galleries including the London Zoological Society; whilst working with the Orangutan Foundation, and alongside other artists at the Society of Wildlife Artists Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. My paintings, drawings, artwork and fine art prints can also be found in private collections throughout the U.K, and in many countries around the world. In 2009, I was also delighted to be signed with the Wildlife Art Company, established by Mark Cawardine and Rachel Ashton. Mark Carwardine is the world renowned BBC zoologist, photographer and author. The Wildlife Art Company is a natural history agency for Wildlife Art.

I have always wished to illustrate a natural history publication and my wish was realised when I was invited to provide drawings for two Wolf Conservation books. I have also written for, and had artwork published in a number of well-known magazines and was also recently invited to produce artwork for a wildlife conservation film.

MORE RECENTLY: I have been working on an artwork portraying a Southern White Rhinocerus. My White Rhino is to be auctioned at the 'Explorers Against Extinction' event, at the Royal Geographical Society, London, October 2017. The auction is being held in order to raise awareness and funds to help protect our precious endangered African Wildlife. I support rhino conservation, among many others, and it seemed only fitting to portray a lovely White Rhino. My next project is another artwork donation, this time for the AFC 2018 'Silent Skies'project, in conjunction with the 27th Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, Canada .. and I cannot wait to get started.

Over the past 6 months, I have also been involved in the rescue and care of Peacock chicks, a Tawny Owl and a Sparrowhawk. The Tawny Owl and Sparrowhawk were successfully reintroduced back to the wild. To be at such close quarters with these magnificent birds was a privilege. The peacocks once fully grown were returned to their original owners, but two months later, decided to return to us of their own volition. Along with our free-range chickens, we now have two pet peacocks that roam free-range around our garden and surrounding parkland.

At home, I also have two lovely four-legged furry friends and enjoy many interests. As a Registered Bat Carer, I also rescue and care for bats in order for them to be released back into the wild.

Working from my lovely Larmer Tree Studio situated in the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, I produce my own archival fine art prints, greetings cards plus a range of coasters from my original paintings and drawings. My artworks include: mammals, birds, pet portraits, landscapes and botanical subjects. Prints, cards, coasters, scented palm-oil free soaps and assorted gifts are available from my on-line Gallery and Larmer Tree Studio.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and for stopping-by.
Su Shimeld


Latest Artwork
White Rhino - Southern White Rhinocerus by Susan Shimeld (2) Click to view a larger image. White Rhino  (2017)
Southern White Rhinocerus
45 x 43

Original Available
Ltd. Edition Available
Amur Leopard - Amur Leopard by Susan Shimeld (2) Click to view a larger image. Amur Leopard  (2016)
Amur Leopard
24 x 15

Ltd. Edition Available
Susan Shimeld
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Susan Shimeld Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld
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