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Geraldine SimmonsGeraldine Simmons   AFC, ISSA Active Geraldine Simmons
Wildlife artist for conservation
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Geraldine Simmons Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons

Geraldine Simmons

I love this planet and all the beautiful things in it that makes it so rich and diverse that connects us to an amazing web of life making up our entire world. I feel so blessed to express myself through my wildlife art, with an opportunity to reach others through the beauty and innocence that shine from an animalís eyes.

Before I start a piece the eyes are what I notice first. They mesmerize me. These beautiful creatures are calling me to express that they are not just mere commodities; to be exploited, used or forgotten.


Latest Artwork
Lionel - Pet portrait by Geraldine Simmons (2) Click to view a larger image. Lionel  (2017)
Pet portrait
9 x 12
Coloured pencil
Caracal Eye - Caracul by Geraldine Simmons (2) Click to view a larger image. Caracal Eye  (2017)
7 x 12

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Geraldine Simmons
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Geraldine Simmons Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons
Geraldine Simmons
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