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Kitty HarvillKitty Harvill   BFA, MA, AFC, APAP/PR, TWASI Kitty Harvill
Birds & Nature of Brazil
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Kitty Harvill Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill

Kitty Harvill

Our relationship with Nature is a reciprocal one. We, who are working in conservation see ourselves as helping Nature. It is Nature that has the greatest gifts to give to us. If you have ever spent extended time in Nature you know the solace and peace that you derive from that experience. As an artist, I believe one absorbs that mystery into one's very being, into one's soul. The works we then produce express these very deep feelings and it is this that we wish to convey to our viewers. So that they too may be touched by the healing power of Nature.

We are bombarded daily with images of violence, corruption, and despair from 24 hour news channels to images of every kind on the internet. Our souls need a healing balm to counteract all the negativity we take in. It is important to remember that the gifts Nature gives to us go beyond the air that we breath, the water we consume from rivers and streams, and the earth which provides an abundance of food for our bodily nourishment. As if that were not enough, it is the profound mystery of Nature that feeds our souls. When we commune with and experience the mysteries of Nature, we commune with the mystery of the Creator.


Latest Artwork
ABAYOMI, the Brazilian Puma - The story of an orphaned puma cub by Kitty Harvill (2) Click to view a larger image. ABAYOMI, the Brazilian Puma  (2014)
The story of an orphaned puma cub
8.5 x 8.5
Ararinha Azul - Spix's Macaw - The Rarest Bird in the World by Kitty Harvill (2) Click to view a larger image. Ararinha Azul - Spix's Macaw  (2013)
The Rarest Bird in the World
15 x 22

Original Available 
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Kitty Harvill
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Kitty Harvill
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Kitty Harvill Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill
Kitty Harvill
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